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Would you ever have imagined that 20% of teachers are also 1970s punk fans? Or that a significant percentage of punk-loving teachers also like a bet on the horses? We all have hidden layers. Things going on below the surface that nobody would guess in a million years.


We believe you shouldn’t have to guess. No more box-standard, predictable targeting profiles.

Hybrid Theory combines behavioral, contextual, and social media data, drawn from 3bn cookieless data signals, to build custom audiences unique to you. These recommendations and often unexpected insights help connect your brand to the right audiences, in the right place, at the right time.

Our Difference


Average data points held per individual navigating the web.

2-hour refresh

Frequency rate of behavioral data refresh. We act on the most up-to-date, in-market, relevant audience.


Online population leveraged by our proprietary platform to gather unique online behavior patterns.

21 million

Weekly average impressions across over 66K websites globally.


The number of countries where you'll find our campaigns.

3 billion

Cookieless data signals processed daily. No choosing between cookie and cookieless

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